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What is PartyTrack?

Simplify Mobile User Acquisition

Compare all of your mobile user acquisition channels to optimize and scale your budget for better performance.

Save engineering resources and app size

1 Party Track SDK is all you need to analyze the performance of ALL your campaigns. Accurately track, attribute, measure and compare publishers' impact on over 80 networks on 1 dashboard.

Global Platform

Party Track is offered in multiple languages and measures performances from networks worldwide.

Measure past installs

In addition to basic metrics like clicks, installs and launches, analyze post-install performances such as user retention, engagement and ROI.

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Monthly Subscription Fee

1st Month: USD 1,000 / App

Based on a number of events generated in previous month, subscription fee for next month should be decided.

A total number of events in previous month
0 - 30 MillionUSD 1,000
30 - 50 MillionUSD 3,000
50 - 100 MillionUSD 5,000
Over 100 MillionUSD 10,000
Additional Cost
Adtruth / installUSD 0.05

What's included in your subscription

  • All organic installs
  • Campaign installs (exclude Adtruth)
  • Clicks

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